How real estate agents can capture their share of the probate real estate niche

Trillions of dollars in assets will be transferred from one generation to the next in the coming years and nearly always, the heirs don't want the house - they want the cash in the house.

In this webinar, we introduce real estate agents, brokers and investors to the probate process and how they can get more deals by reaching out to the executor/administrator tasked with liquidating the estate home. 


Thursday, March 22


2:00 PM (Pacific)




Topics covered:

  • An introduction to the probate process
  • Executor/administrator responsibilities
  • Why this group is motivated to sell
  • The difference between "full" and "limited" authority
  • The probate timeline
  • Marketing strategies and best practices when contacting families
  • How to get attorney referrals
  • Establishing yourself as a probate expert in your market