Timespan Reaching Out To Probate Leads

When contacting a list of probate leads, an often posed question is one of timing. When marketing to families that have a duty under a will, probate proceeding or trust agreement, when is the most opportune time for agents and investors to introduce themselves?

The answer lies all across the board, with many varying timetables. Although we don’t have a crystal ball, we can make a few hard-won observations.

With most leads, there is a premium on new and fresh, but given the varying time frames to sell, probate leads seem to defy this rule.
You will encounter some executors/administrators that are exuberant about selling, and they are waiting for your call. Of course, we all know it’s not that easy. While there is certainly some low-hanging fruit, you will have to work for most deals – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Oftentimes, the person tasked with settling the estate has to clear their plate with other duties before selling the home, but we hasten to say that a REALTOR® can assist in these many responsibilities and educate the executor/administrator with time-saving tasks that reduce their stress. For example, facilitating in an estate sale and coordinating the repairs or upgrades needed to sell the probated property in a competitive market.

Not uncommonly, a living spouse is in the household and may not want to immediately part with the estate home. At some point down the road, they feel the impact of lost income or want to get closer to the kids, escalating the need to sell. In other instances, the probate process needs to play itself out and the property reverts back to the heirs that have a sudden itch to sell.

One thing we can say with more certainty is that whenever the time is ripe to sell, those families want to sell quickly. To which we might add, they are more likely to work with the agent or investor that was there from the beginning, who reached out early on to hold their hand, educate them on their options and demonstrated their competency in these type of transactions.


Jim Rutkowski has married his legal background with his real estate experience and passion for marketing to help real estate agents, investors, property management & financial professionals get more consummated transactions by getting their message out to families that have duties under a will, probate proceeding or trust agreement. If you are in the arena of probate, trust or inheritance, Jim is always happy to bounce some ideas around – call him at 310-595-5112 or send a scribe to jim@probatechatter.com.


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