Referrals From Estate Planning Attorneys

Many real estate agents, investors and other professionals are reluctant to contact attorneys to drum up referral-based business. The oft-stated objection is that it is a good ole’ boy (or gal) network. To be sure, many estate planning attorneys have their preferred group of REALTORS® they work with when clients need to liquidate the estate’s assets. Not always – younger attorneys in particular have not fully developed relationships, but let’s begin with the presumption that attorneys have an affinity for a real estate agent or two.

If you have been following me for any length of time, I’m preaching to the choir when I say that this bubble is not impenetrable and saying that you don’t want to do attorney outreach because they already know real estate agents is analogous to refusing to contact home buyers and sellers because there is another REALTOR® around the block that can serve them.

I came across a riveting video where an estate planning attorney takes on this very subject. When you find them where they hide, he says, they want to nurtured, not hunted. Take a look.

The reality is, although nothing falls in your lap and you have to work for it, attorneys are not the wizard behind the curtain in Oz, but they can be persuaded to work with you if you convince them that you add value to their clients, you need little guidance in handling probate transactions, and that you have the estate’s best interest in mind.


Jim Rutkowski has married his legal background with his real estate experience and passion for marketing to help real estate agents, investors, property management & financial professionals get more consummated transactions by getting their message out to families that have duties under a will, probate proceeding or trust agreement. If you are in the arena of probate, trust or inheritance, Jim is always happy to bounce some ideas around – call him at 310-595-5112 or send a scribe to

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