Disposing Of Non-Real Property Assets Is a Big Challenge For Families Tasked With Settling The Estate


In the course of a storied lifetime, people amass many belongings and items that mirror their unique being. To everyone else, it is "stuff", but to the loved ones of the deceased, they are gems. The family may become emotionally frozen, not knowing how to dispose of these items in the most efficient and dignified manner. 


Real estate professionals that are able to liquidate or donate these non-real property assets and articles will have a distinct advantage when interfacing with executors/administrators and the heirs.Families that live out of state or far away from the probate property are particularly receptive to a third party that is able to assist in winding down the earthly affairs of their loved one.
The overarching message is that you can sell these items for the most amount of money the market will bear, bringing maximum value to the estate, and do so with minimal hassle. Indeed, we have worked with people that have had a side business selling the items of the deceased. Of course, you don't have to have a full-fledged operation, but at minimum, you can refer them to estate sale professionals and help coordinate the sale.


Watch one of our long term clients, Derrick Ruiz, in action at a clean out. 



We'll pick up more on this topic in future posts, but our goal is to convey this: when working with probate properties, it requires a fundamental paradigm shift. You are not a REALTOR®, but a problem solver. 




How many opportunities are you missing? 

Trillions of dollars will pass from one generation to the next in the coming years, yet probated properties are unlisted, unpublished and unknown. We provide the data you need to have an informed conversation with families tasked with liquidating the estate's assets.
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