Getting The Conversation Rolling On The Phone With Families Tasked With Settling The Estate


In an earlier post, we touched on mailing to a list of courthouse-compiled probate leads. Less competition and a heightened urgency to sell, we said, leads to a higher return on investment compared to other mailing campaigns.
Yet  some real estate agents and investors want immediate gratification and get the conversation rolling on the phone. For this group intent on calling, we might recommend mailing the executor/administrator first, so that when you call them, they know you or at least know of you. In other words, a mailer can "grease the skids" and warm you up to the decision maker.
At any rate, we're often asked for verbiage to use when calling. We don't find it helpful to develop scripts, since they go out the window once the person on the other end of the line starts asking questions and a dialog begins. Nonetheless, we can suggest a framework for the call. That is, you do not pry for information but ask them to confirm information that you already know to be true.


Armed with information from the probate case file, you can reiterate facts that the executor/administrator knows to be true, as well. Once the facts are aligned, you can then offer to swing by for 15 minutes to take a look at the property and evaluate the options that they have.



How many opportunities are you missing? 

Trillions of dollars will pass from one generation to the next in the coming years, yet probated properties are unlisted, unpublished and unknown. We provide the data you need to have an informed conversation with families tasked with liquidating the estate's assets.
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