Getting Probate Leads Through Attorney Referrals

Clearly, attorneys can be a golden goose of referral business, but many real estate agents pause because they erroneously believe it's futile. Sure, attorneys have real estate agents they work with, but it's not an impenetrable bubble. Distinguish yourself from the next REALTOR® to provide a better and more streamlined process for their practice and for their clients. 


I'm somewhat bewildered when I hear agents shy away from contacting attorneys because it's a country club network of preferred agents they've worked with for 20+ years. Let's face it, other people sell real estate. The key is separating yourself from your competition and earn their referrals. It's no different from what you do every day in your real estate business, and it's the same with reaching out to attorneys.


There is no need to be intimidated when approaching attorneys for referrals. To object on the grounds that an attorney has already cultivated relationships with a REALTOR® is a little like saying you shouldn't approach buyers or sellers because, well, there are other real estate agents that can handle the task of listing the home or finding a home.


As an avid follower of the Shark Tank, you can tell when a business is unique, like an episode where a mad scientist creates synthetic human cadavers for medical research. That's a unique business, barriers to entry, tough to start. But for everything else, there is competition. Competition should be embraced.


I'll get off my soap box and offer a couple actionable strategies to get in good graces with attorneys - estate planning and otherwise - and turn them into a reservoir of probate, trust and inherited property leads.


Volunteer to take pictures.
This is what I dub a "low maintenance" decision on behalf of the attorney. Remind the attorney that the estate does not want to be side tracked with code violations or deferred maintenance and that the assets of the estate could be eaten up by the costs in maintaining it. With their permission, you can take photos of the estate home to ascertain its condition to anticipate - and forestall - any issues later on.


Provide them a platform to "guest blog".
Probate can be a complicated legal matter and Personal Representatives/heirs going through this process are well served to hear from an attorney on such weighty issues. If you have a website dedicated to probate, trust and inherited property sales, you can provide a vehicle for the attorney to promote their legal services by writing a blog. Again, this is taking the soft-sell approach - you are not asking them directly for referrals, merely giving them a platform to dispense legal advice, and the referrals will flow organically.



How many opportunities are you missing? 

Trillions of dollars will pass from one generation to the next in the coming years, yet probated properties are unlisted, unpublished and unknown. We provide the data you need to have an informed conversation with families tasked with liquidating the estate's assets.
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